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Monday, June 22, 2009

Living in Limbo Land

Wow! I just noticed that my last post was in March!

Well, dear readers, the situation has changed alot, and in some ways, not at all!

We ultimately decided to buy a house instead of an RV; however, we're still living in the hotel while we conclude the negotiations on our El Paso house. The Worker Bees and I have carved out something of a routine during the course of our extended hotel stay, and Papa Bee has been buzzing all over the state on business related activity.

We're spending a ton of time at the beach, and I've been teaching the Worker Bees to body surf. I just discovered that there is a Summer Surf Camp, and that looks mighty tempting to Mama Bee who is tired of tending to her temporary hive in the hotel.

We're still without a camera, so unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to post of our beach adventures.

Hope that everyone is having a delightful summer!

Mama Bee

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