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Sunday, September 21, 2008

It Must Be Autumn

The marigolds are blooming:

The pecans are almost ripe:

The gourds are looking just about ready to pick:

And as the mornings get cooler, the turtles get slower and slower; they'll be hibernating soon. Can you find the turtle?

When we moved into this house two years ago, we discovered that over twenty desert turtles live in the backyard. The worker bees named this one Verdi, and he is one of the most friendly.

He's pretty friendly, but enough is enough!

And, we're getting out the Michaelmas decorations!

The Worker Bees like to make Dragon Candles with press-on wax:

The Worker Bees and I made this moble of St. Michael and the Dragon, when a little breeze blows, they actually chase each other around!

Papa Bee and I take the Worker Bees up into the mountains on Michaelmas to fly kites! Awesome view from up there!

Happy St. Michael's Day to All!

Mama Bee


Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND said...

I see the turtle! I see it! I see it! Love turtles! Love the BLOG :) Congrats! Love, Kristie

Rachel said...

Call me when the pecans are ripe! I love the Michaelmas candles. Now I just have to find those sheets of beeswax I ordered last year...