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Monday, October 13, 2008

Autumn Fun at the Corn Maze Festival!

Okay...really... some people go to a lot of trouble when they plant their corn-fields to make a maze pattern running through it so that the rest of us can come and spend a whole day of merriment trying to find our way out! Seriously! I wouldn't have believed it before we moved here...but well...now, it has become our regular Autumn Pilgrimage and last weekend, Papa Bee and I felt the Call of the Corn and rounded up the workers to go participate!

Before you enter the maze, there are all manner of old-fashioned activities, like this sliding hill! Check it out...two slides on the top....

and one slide going through the hill!! How Cool is that?!? The worker bees were in Heaven!

Then, into the maze! Whoa...which way to go?!

Luckily for those of us who are just a wee-bit 'map challenged', there are clues located throughout the maze. They're not just givin' it away though...you have to work for it! You have to answer trivia questions and follow the arrow in the direction of the answer you selected (they're all multiple choice darlin' so don't panic!)...if you go, brush-up on your Columbus Day Trivia! Knightly likes to follow the clues, but Papa Bee prefers to follow the map...there's a little something for everyone!

If you brushed up on your trivia and it didn't take you all day to get out of the maze (!), you can proceed over to the real highlight of the festival (you didn't just think it was about corn did you?!)....The Duck Races!!

Oh My! You've never heard of Duck Races?! Step right over here:

First, you gotta go over to the Country Store and have your worker bees select the ducks that each one is going to race! Then, they position themselves behind the water pumps and get their ducks ready to be flushed down the pipe-line!

Then, you pump for all you're worth and get that duckie sailing as fast as she'll go....

right over the finish line...or um...finish bowels as the case may be!

Still got time? Check out the pedal cars that you pedal through the tire maze. Don't get squemish about the tractor tire graveyard, it's all just fun and games!

When you've had enough fun, and need something beyond roasted corn and turkey legs to eat...you load the worker bees onto the hayride to go into the pumpkin patch to pick some beauties! Don't do this first or you will have to lug the pumpkins around all day...rookie mistake!

This is where the camera battery went dead, but really...we were all done! We picked out four baskets of pumpkins for Jack-o-Lanterns, pies, soups, breads...enough material to keep me bloggin' for the rest of the season!

Happy Baking and Pumpkin Carving!

Mama Bee

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Rachel said...

It looks great, I can't wait to try it when we get home. I LOVE the duck races!