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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Santa Lucia Morning

Dear Readers, how is this for 'same-day blogging'! The Worker Bees awoke in the pre-dawn light...oh excuse me...there was no pre-dawn light, that was later. The Worker Bees woke us up at freakin' 330AM...it was so hard to be reverent, but they were cute...and they brought coffee...that made it easier!

Yesterday, Papa Bee helped me measure the boys' dear little heads and we sat up and made Star Boy hats after tucking the Worker Bees into bed.

Knightly made Star Wands for both Sprocket and himself.

Here they are in their pre-dawn glory staring at the lovely Salmon and Goat Cheese Strata I made for breakfast! Did I mention how happy I was that I prepped all of the food and beverages the night before! Phew...and I didn't even know that the revelry would sound so early!

Here we go, with Horsie-Girl in all of her Lucia glory carrying the coffee for Papa Bee!

Hope that you had as lovely of a morning; albeit, hopefully starting a bit later!

Mama Bee

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