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Monday, September 22, 2008

Buzzing Around!

It was going to be a busy day, Knightly destroyed yet another pair of glasses. Defending the hive has turned out to be pretty rough on his clothes and accessories!

So, I scheduled us to go to the eye-doctor directly after our homeschool park day.

This was all great until the Worker Bees' dentist called on Friday to tell me that I had won a dubious sort of lottery. 3mths ago (after a 3mth wait!!), we had to cancel our dentist appt due to Horsie-Girl running a high-fever. Instead of rescheduling the appt, we were put on a waiting list...and guess what?!...our name came up for an opening on the same day as Knightly's eye appt. Sigh. With some creative scheduling and the help of Papa Bee, we decided that we could do it all!

Not gonna happen! After the obligatory Hive 50meter dash to get the snacks, water and park-day toys stashed in the van, the van's battery is dead!

Which, is why I now have loads of leisure time to sit here and type about it all! We're gonna have to skip park-day, and Papa Bee is taking off from work early to come get us. So...it isn't all bad, at least we'll get to spend the day with Papa Bee!

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Rachel said...

Ugh, why does the battery never die on the day the kids pestered you to go to the park but you didn't really want to go anyway? The day you have a meeting you're dreading and would love to skip? The day you have a playdate you were guilted into with someone you don't really like? It's always the day that's stacked up to here with commitments and timing is crucial.